“Tell it in words and I will remember. Show me and I will believe. Let me experience and I will understand”

Reiki Classes

Learning ReikiIf you’ve experienced a Reiki treatment and you want to learn how to practise Reiki yourself, you may like to take part in a Reiki level I course. People choose to learn Reiki for many different reasons, most often because it simply feels ‘right’ at that time in their life. The beauty of this simple technique is that anyone can learn to practise Reiki, and everyone is capable of doing it.

How can I learn to practise Reiki?

The Reiki level I course (sometimes called First Degree) takes 8-10 hours and is usually spread out over 2-4 days. During that time students will receive four initiations, learn about the history of Reiki and the Reiki Principles. The course focuses on teaching the series of hand positions for self-treatment and covers how to give Reiki treatments to others. We will also discuss how you can use Reiki in your everyday life and the practicalities of giving Reiki treatments to children, animals and plants. Throughout the course, students will practise giving treatments to each other and at the end of the course all students will receive a certificate of attendance.

What have other people said about the Reiki level I course?

  •  What I can now say, was that I was absolutely blown away… Georgina is totally knowledgeable and skilled. Her Reiki touch is magical and I come away walking on cloud nine each time … elated, relaxed and calm. Thank you for this wonderful gift Georgina.
    Charlotte - Putney Hill
  •  I received Reiki 1 training with Georgina and this training has changed my life. I self-practice every morning and I am healthier than I have ever been. I feel that I am calmer and more balanced, which for a woman of my age is a complete blessing. I appreciate every aspect of the world in which we live and I live by the Reiki principle ‘just for today’ … Thank you.  I look forward to taking my training further, so I can help others.
    Denys - Suffolk

How much does it cost?

The investment for the Reiki level I course is £200

When is the next class?

Reiki on selfGeorgina Hood teaches on demand in Battersea. Use the contact page to enquire about the upcoming class dates.

Advanced training

The Reiki level II course (sometimes called Second Degree) is recommended for those who have been working with Reiki level I already and would like to take their practise to a deeper level. Students will receive one initiation and will learn how to draw and use three sacred Reiki symbols.

During the Reiki level II class students will be taught how to send Reiki at a distance to people, places and situations.

What have other people said about the Reiki level II course?

  •  The time I spent with Georgina furthering my knowledge of Reiki was  very special. I joined a small, friendly group of people learning Reiki II and it remains in my memory as a unique moment and a turning point in my Reiki journey.
    Carole - Stroud

How much does it cost?

The investment for the Reiki level II course is £350.

When is the next class?

The Reiki level II course is held upon request and takes 2-4 hours over two days.