Reiki is traditionally taught through the oral tradition, meaning the passing on of stories and teachings from master to student. However there are a few books about Reiki that have also inspired Georgina’s practise and helped her to stay connected with her Reiki roots.

Several books by Georgina’s teacher Anneli Twan, and Anneli’s mother, Wanja Twan, can be purchased through

  • “In The Light of a Distant Star” by Wanja Twan
  • “Early Days of Reiki, Memories of Hawayo Takata” by Anneli Twan
  • “Living Reiki: Takata’s Teachings” by Fran Brown –
  • “Principles of Reiki” by Kasja Krishni Borang –
  • “REIKI, A Comprehensive Guide” by Pamela Miles –

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